Life as an Apprentice at Flaming Grill

Flaming Grill is all about having fun whilst being up for the challenge. It’s about being part of a family and working together to make every guest’s visit an adventure. Whether it’s hosting a sports night, a weekday lunch or a big group dinner—you’ll find the day is always varied at Flaming Grill.

Jack started as an apprentice chef in April 2015 and is now continuing to work his way up the career ladder at Greene King.

Recalling his first shift, Jack said:

“My first shift was a bit nerve racking! After training, I was put on the grill to cook a medium-rare steak for my Business Development Manager, the boss for the entire region! I was nervous at first, but rose to the challenge and cooked a steak and then got on with other orders.  The BDM entered the kitchen after he’d eaten it and was asking who cooked it. I quietly and nervously said that it was me thinking the worst!  He went on to say that was the best steak he had ever tasted! After this, I was totally hooked on being a chef”.

Jack’s Manager has also been really pivotal and has helped nurture him through the Apprenticeship programme. Jack says:

“The support I’ve had has been great. My manager would take me to watch other sites and observe how they do things.  He would always look to develop me by getting me to look at other chefs and would always ask me questions such as ‘look at that plate of food – is that suitable?’, ‘Would you like that given to you?’ and ‘How could that be improved?’ All of which help me reflect on everything that I was doing as a chef.”

Jack completed his Level 2 Food Production and Cooking Apprenticeship, was promoted to Team Leader and has recently been promoted to Kitchen Manager.

Jack says:

“I’ve set myself a career goal of becoming Area Chef in 5 years’ time. I feel I would make a good role-model to others and I want to pass down my skills and knowledge. I want to make a difference in my role and my pub, but an Area Chef can also make a difference to the whole region, which really interests me. I’m really looking forward to developing myself and can’t wait to progress to the next level”.

To apply for a career as an Apprentice with Greene King, click here.

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