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At Chef & Brewer we’re all about classic country pubs. Guests feel right at home in our historic buildings where they relax alongside warm, open fires, charming wooden beams, and the beautiful British countryside. We take great pride in serving up delicious, freshly-prepared dishes and our recipes use the best seasonal ingredients.

An apprenticeship at Chef & Brewer means learning and training on the job in a lovely, traditional pub.  Are you thinking about another apprenticeship or maybe wondering how your apprenticeship can help achieve your career goals? Here are the views of two apprentices at Chef & Brewer who have made their way up the ladder:

Kris Grantham started at The Ring O’ Bells as a pub chef, and progressed quickly to Deputy Manager via two Apprenticeships; Kitchen Services and Team Leader qualifications.

Kris said, ‘If you want to progress in hospitality, apprenticeships offer great on-the-job training. It’s a supportive environment, the tutor is just at the end of the phone. I’ve never had any formal business training. The units that covered reporting, profit and loss, business management and how to manage your team were particularly helpful.’

Manuela Tanase works at The Wheatstone Inn. Five years ago, she began as a food runner and following her Team Leader Apprenticeship she’s been promoted to Deputy General Manager.

On her future goals, Manuela said ‘In the future I want to become a General Manager and need to build strong relationships with my team. Thanks to my apprenticeship, I’ve learned the difference between being a leader and a manager! Seize the opportunities that are open to you, and you’ll succeed just as I did.’

Our pubs are set apart by the passion behind them, and the pride this creates in our teams. We want to give our guests the feeling of classic country hospitality and cosiness, sprinkled with indulgence and wrapped up in quality.

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