A journey through 200 years of Greene King heritage

When you walk into certain Greene King pubs you’re likely to see a timeline somewhere in the building. Sometimes it’s on a wooden plaque, other times it’s painted on the walls. It’s a timeline of all the men and women who have managed the pub over the years. Our heritage matters, that’s why we’re inviting you to join us on a journey through time to explore where we’ve come from and how we’ve grown.

1799 – Benjamin Greene moves to Bury St Edmunds to establish his own brewing business.


1806 – Greene goes into partnership with William Buck, and buys the 100 year old Wright’s brewery.


1836 – Benjamin Greene hands over to his son, Edward Greene, who doubles the workforce to 50 people, producing 40,000 barrels per year.


1868 – Frederick King acquires Maulkin’s maltings next door to Edward Greene and renames it the St Edmund’s brewery.


1870’s – Edward Greene introduces benefits to his workforce, including pension scheme and better standards of worker housing.


1887 – Frederick King agrees to merge his company to form Greene, King and sons.


1926 – The Great Strike lasts 9 days but no Greene King workers take part in it.


1996 – Greene King acquires the Magic Pub Company.


1999 – Greene King acquires 442 Morland’s pubs.


2001 – Greene King acquires 132 pubs from Old English Inns and 432 pubs from Laurel Pub Company.


2005 – Greene King buys Belhaven, Ridley & Sons and Hardys & Hansons.


2007 – Greene King acquires Loch Fyne restaurants.


2008 – New Century Inns join the Greene King family.


2011 – Cloverleaf, Realpubs and Capital Pub company join as well.


2013 – 200th Hungry Horse site opens and 1000th retail site opens.

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