Farmhouse Inns

Imagine a place that’s all about being the best. Welcome to Farmhouse Inns where making guests go WOW is our specialty. We aim to provide the best dining and drinking experience for customers of all ages.

You will find a personal touch in everything we do from our juicy carvery and fantastic choice of fresh, buttered vegetables, to our enormous, eye-popping magnificent cakes. We take pride in these and many other things that our teams of passionate people work hard to bring to life. So, when you come to Farmhouse Inns we want you to expect the best. We’re not just growing a business, we’re growing a tradition. We reward and support our people to put roots in our business and develop their careers with us. If you wonder why, the honest answer is – because we’re all about family and the feast. If you’re in the mood to be awed, come visit us and see for yourself why we’re the home of the best.

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