Show them the ale! Fifth time crowned for excellent brewery tours

Greene King knows good ales and fine beers. The kind you can taste the malt, the hops, the yeast and the true local flavour. Any brewmaster worth his keg will tell you that it’s no small feat running a great brewery. You have to be forward-thinking but also have a deep respect for the historic, traditional methods of ale-making. Because the only way is the way it has been done for centuries.

Greene King has always been committed to sharing our great brewing traditions with travellers to the UK. That’s most likely why it’s received its fifth consecutive Certificate of Excellence from travel review site TripAdvisor for the quality of its Westgate Brewery tours in Bury St Edmunds.

What’s more impressive than that? Well, probably that Greene King has received that Certificate of Excellence for its brewery tours every year since 2011. The experience is among TripAdvisor's top ranked activities in Suffolk, with over 98% of visitors rating it as 'Excellent' or 'Very Good'.

Greene King has Cathy Truin, Greene King beer café manager, said: “We have been brewing in Bury, St Edmunds for over 200 years and our Art Deco brewery is a landmark in the region. We regularly welcome visitors from all over the world to come behind the scenes, see our brewers in action and of course enjoy some quality beer, from experimental brews to our much-loved British ales. We are really proud of this achievement.’

The daily-run Greene King tours take guests on a guided journey around the historic working brew house to see how real beer is made using natural ingredients and traditional methods. Ask any brewmaster and they’ll tell you that in a hundred years, no has found a better way to make beers and ales. That’s because Greene King relies as much on the passion of people who know good brews as much as on the wholesome and good old traditions that have sustained breweries on these islands for many generations.

And it’s why we’re never short on great people to carry on our tradition because the very best have always found their way to us.


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